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We develop web sites and web apps.
Not here, but in our office
across the street.

Best coffee around:
Check! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

S-Friedrichstrasse, Berlin-Mitte.

Awesome coffee place, awesome picture. Not our office.

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  • DECAF?

    DECAF is a short web company based in Berlin and Langen­berg/NRW, Germany. We do front­end, back­end and some design/UX. Ever since 2004, because there is hardly anyone who wants to do the job.

    We like to blog and discuss on Twitter about what we’re con­cerned with on the web.

    We are not a full service com­pany, but instead are focus­sed on user-centered develop­ment. No social media, SEO or marke­ting. Just excel­lent web development.

    If you run a web company, you can hire us to support your team. We will merge and completely emerge.

  • Team

  • Topics

    Semantic / Semantic Web
    Custom SW / Custom software
    SaaS / SaaS
    PM / Management
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Albrechtstrasse, Berlin-Mitte. The house on
the right was setting for Run Lola Run movie.
Our office is located on left at 18.

Refinery Coffee, best coffee around.

Mobile First?
Yes and no. It’s not that simple.

Work and portfolio
  • Laravel & React

    Laravel & React

    Really, we’ve been truely inspired by Laravel (PHP) and React (JS) for a while now. Each on its own, or even both of them linked in a project with Laravel providing the API.

    There are pretty good reasons for this setup and we’d like to do a lot more projects this way.

  • External project teams

    External project teams

    We joined another company’s project team for the first time in 2006 and loved to do it again: cars, lemon­ade, tele­vision, univer­sities, founda­tions, publishers, pharma.

    We spend an average of 61% of our workload supporting external project teams.

  • Short team?

    Short team?

    We’re a lean team! Most of the time you can count us on the fingers of one hand. However, it doesn’t take much more for web development if — spoiler! — everyone is willing to focus on the major issues.

    When it comes to new projects, we’re sometimes missing super strengths. But if available, we’ll push big-time.

  • Portfolio: Oneeleven.

    Portfolio: Oneeleven.

    It has probably been a lot more than 111 web projects we’ve accomplished since 2004. The exact number doesn’t really matter. In fact, it’s about us having learned a lot and being in a good position now to get web projects going. To know how to get them going.

    (Skills are silver; exper­ience is golden.)

  • Since 2004

    2004: Hello World.

    Stefan Ullrich and Dirk Schürjohann started DECAF in 2004 in Langenberg/NRW (Germany), their hometown. Decaf­feinated, because of the word written on the lid of a paper cup and the domain still being available.

    And that’s the truth.