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Agnes-Miegel-Straße 3, 33449 Langenberg
Phone: +4952482116990
Fax: +4952482116999

Trade register, tax identification number
HRA 6237, AG Gütersloh. Location: Langenberg.
VAT number: DE 815 005 097

General partner
DECAF Verwaltungs GmbH, HRB 7994, AG Gütersloh.

Managing directors
Stefan Ullrich
Dirk Schürjohann

Andreas Wehr

Icons from the Noun Project
bull by Alex Vekhtev
Camera by MaJo Ox
Coffee by Jacob Halton
Coffee Bean by Zoe Haworth
Fairy Choir by Waselle Kwan
Heart by Gregory Sujkowski
Monster by Paulo Sá Ferreira
Rabbit by Agne Alesiute
Sheep by Jos van Roij
Superhero by mantisshrimpdesign
Superhero by mantisshrimpdesign
Superhero by mantisshrimpdesign
Unicorn by Audrey Roy Greenfeld

DECAF® is a registered trademark at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Privacy statement

Honestly, we take the protection of personal data pretty seriously. This website works without the need to provide personal data.

Responsible in the sense of the data protection laws, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is the publisher of this website as stated above. ☝️

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Our web server logs any request, even yours. This includes several information like browser and operating system, referrer or host name. Quasi every web server does so, and the record cannot be related to specific users.

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Some features of this website are provided by external services. For instance, the beautiful font is part of Typekit, a service by Adobe, Videos are provided by YouTube or Vimeo, further content received from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Spotify, Soundcloud or dozens of other services making the web beautiful. Implementing external services involves data being transferred to their servers — with US servers on the premise of the so-called »Privacy Shield« and thus in compliance with European data protection regulations —, and sometimes they apply cookies. We have no control over such cookies, the range of collected data and what they are used for. The privacy policies of the respective providers apply.

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Your rights as a party concerned
You have the right to get informed about the data we have collected about you. You have the right to request the correction, to restrict the usage or request deletion of this data. You may object to the processing of the data or request that it be communicated to other persons responsible. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

Changes to our data protection statement
We reserve the right to modify this. What you will find here when you come back will then apply to your new visit. 🍀